Regional Detecting Finds

These are new pages where finds made by regional club members when detecting at regional, club events or own sites can be displayed. Submit your finds to

Information about charity events is also sometimes included.

The military badge is from the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers REME WW2 Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers REME Cap Badge - FIRST PATTERN found by Keith Arnold (SHRADS). This was on Sunday 10th September 2017 at the Great Chalfield charity event.

This is an Edward IV halp penny, York mint found by Ben Cook of (SHRADS) on 10th September.

Nick Keeler (SHRADS) - 2 x Musket Balls, Pot leg, Double belt mount, 4 buttons, tarpauline ring, George V 1d, George VI 1s, George V 1/4d, lead bag seal, bronze fragments,  miscellaneous partifacts found 10th September.