Robin Hatt Competition 2018

We can report that even with some setbacks, a lot of extra effort produced a 2nd place win for the Best Artefact judged at the November NCMD meeting.

Very well done to WHRADA and their member for the entry, and helping to bring home to our region this award. 

Following a further vote we can now proudly report that the region has also won a 2nd place in the best coin entry with a coin entered by Hucclecote Club member Phil Hartley.

Further pictures and information will be in the next copy of the NCMD publication Digging Deep, so watch out for this.


Above left is the region Vice-chairman Nick Keeler receiving the trophy from the NCMD Chairman Clive Coleman. Middle is a pciture of the actual trophy, and right is Clive getting up close to check out some of the finds on the table before voting.

Below is a picture of the trophies to be awarded, and a picture of the hoards table.