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A report on the Royal Wootton Basset Rotary Club  Rally on 22 March by Lorraine Stanley.

The morning broke to either rain or wet ground,depending on your departure point. Leaving from South of Bristol it had rained overnight leaving some puddles. However it had passed through our area and we did not see rain again until nearly at Chippenham.

Signage was fine once you were near the Rally site, however the site was covered in a low cloud base with persistent rain. On arrival there was complimentary Tea and Coffee with breakfast baps available, the ladies and chef did an admirable job in maintaining a constant supply. Parking was all on hardstanding around the farm. There were some dry waiting areas in the barn, and under the Gazebos. Booking in was straight forward, although the people on the desk had not been briefed on the state of the fields.

Inside the barn there was a Raffle, representation from the Western Region NCMD and also Laura from Detecnicks with a plentiful supply of books, parts and machines. Including the new Deus probe and coils, and the new Rutus detector. Around 160 Detectorists  arrived from around the regions, some staying overnight locally, and a strong contingent from Wales. The rather late planned start time of 1030 was brought forward to 1000, and they headed off into the drizzle.

Two large fields had been arranged, one was grass and the other, rotted stubble and deep plough. The grass could have been shorter, but was workable. The deep plough was an ankle breaker and all areas were pretty soggy. Finds seemed very sparse, and I asked six Detectorists before I found anyone who had found anything, however this was a nice Denarius.

Unfortunately one swallow does not make a spring, and the finds cabinet stayed virtually empty throughout the day. Around midday the rain stopped and it brightened up. The weather improvement did not help the finds rate! I later saw one pretty mangled Hammered Penny and heard of an Elizabeth 1 Sixpence.

My opinion. The organisation, as usual with rotary rallies was good, with excellent Toilet facilities, good food and friendly people. With an additional area of grass, beyond the plough, there was sufficient land, but quite a distance. However,  the grass was quite long, and the deep plough was not really suitable. The shortage  of finds may have due to these factors, but with detecting you never know what is there until it is searched. The weather was not particularly helpful. At least it was for charity, which is the main thing.

Laura and Nick of Detecnicks who from the outset have kindly supported the Region

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